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The Unknown Goals Of Shaitan

People often tend to claim that other human beings are their enemies but for Muslims, no other enemy can harm you as much as damage you can have from the Shaitan. It has always been the ultimate goal of Shaitan to seem maximum Muslims to Jahannam (hellfire) and it seems like he is succeeding in his motive so far. According to the Ayat of Quran, Shaitan only invites his companion to the blaze of hell. It clearly shows that those who spend their life according to the wish of Shaitan are among his companions and nothing can save them from hell fire.

There are some major primary goals of Shaitan and then comes sub-goals under these. The major goal pf Shaitan is to make people believe in the worship of idols instead of worshipping Allah Almighty. Disbelief in Allah can lead you to many different religions which are contrary to Islam. Even some people become atheists and totally deny the existence of any god at all. If Shaitan gets unsuccessful he gets frustrated and eventually, Allah becomes happy from his man. You can make Shaitan extremely frustrate by standing in front of the Holy Kaaba and by asking Allah for His mercy. Nothing in this world is more beautiful than the sight of a true believer who cries his heart out by seeing the sacred Kaaba. When a persona asks for forgiveness from Allah, then surely Almighty listen to his cries.Due to the suitability of these hajis, many incredible packages like Best 5 star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Deals in Easter Holidays with Luxury Hotels 2017 have been presented so that the valued pilgrims perform the obligation of Hajj and Ummah without facing any difficulty, and can show the non-Muslims that Islam will rise as the most practiced religion in the world one day.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that Shaitan sits on all paths of the God and ask the believers that are you going to follow this path and will reject the path of your forefathers? A true believer will always throw away these thoughts of Shaitan from his mind. Then Shaitan sits on the path of migration towards the journey of Jihad but the true Muslim rejects it as well and continues to migrate. Surely who continues following the right path of Almighty enters paradise as Allah has promised the dynamic reward for all Is believers and He is the best in keeping promises.

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Blessed Spots in Madinah

Blessed Spots in Madinah

It’s the part of Holy and Islamic Pilgrimage. you have to spend your time in Makkah and Madinah. The days are divided. You have to make plan begore you travel for hajj with cheapest hajj packages. most of the companies to medinah used to go special places like the prophet mosque, shohada Ohod ,baqee’ al gharqadqeblatain mosque and Qubaa .

The importance of performing Umrah pilgrimage is extremely helpful for a Muslim. But have you supposed about execution Umrah Pilgrimage in cold waeather. Most of the people think that performing Umrah in such warm weather with nonentity to eat or drink is tough so they should go in winter. You all may know that doing prayers in the prize for you and Allah Enormous esteems the one who does so.

  • Jannat Al-Baqi

Near the Mosque of the Prophet, there is a cemetery known as Jannat Al-Baqi. Here are the tombs of the most valued and pious people who lived them exists for Islam. It is also recognized as the graveyard of the Sahabah. Countless men and women were resting on the crushed of this graveyard. These are the Rituals Travel to Umrah.

  • Masjid Al-Nabwi (The Prophet’s Mosque)

This is the greatest wonderful sight for a supporter. Anyone who has a true love for the Previous Prophet of Allah, Muhammad(PBHU), is left star-struck by the sight if to the eyes. Sighted the beautiful mosque your eyes won’t poverty to blink and waterworks won’t stop progressing down your cheeks and challenging the place is a feeling lots strive to have.

  • Masjid Al-Quba

Staying the places that are related to the Holy Prophet(PBHU) is nothing but a great consecration by Allah that he gave you an accidental to visit the person even He loves the greatest. Envisage how lucky you are and how dear Allah grips you that he gave you an accidental to observer this life.

  • Mount Jabal

The Jabal is in the central of the desert. It was so hot, perhaps only scorpion and camel living there. I saw some retreat but covers very few of water.

  • Visit the Martyrs of Uhad

It Is a Sunnah To Call the Martyrs of Uhud Which Is 5km From the City. The Prophet’s Uncle Hamzah Conventional the Honor As Martyrdom When He Was Slew In The Battle Field Of Uhud. The Prophet(PBHU) Rummage-sale to Visit Uhud And Implored for The Personalities of Those Who Were Hidden there.